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Impact Story: Healing Through Horse Therapy – Morning Star Cowboy Church

Healing Through Horse Therapy – Morning Star Cowboy Church Interview with Mark and Debbie Gould Growing up on a ranch in Pennsylvania, Mark Gould, Pastor of MorningStar Cowboy Church in Leesburg, Florida, experienced free reign to ride and… Read More

Impact Story: Clark Family

Clark family is a vibrate part LIFT Missouri. This back & white photo shows the Clark's enjoying smiles and laughter.

Learning that a loved one has been diagnosed with a disability can lead to a series of emotions; from denial and confusion to a sense of being overwhelmed and feelings of isolation. Such was the case for Darrell… Read More

Impact Story: Josh Reyes

Josh’s Story Everything was fine until Joshua was 15 months old…or so Debi and Edwin Reyes thought. “We thought he was an exceptional baby, that he was just happy, that he was super-baby,” Debi says. “But looking back… Read More

Impact Story: Joe Irish

Joe’s Story Joe Irish stands out from the crowd. He’s six-years-old and the fourth of five children in his family. Joe has big captivating eyes, an unstoppable energy and wears a helmet for his own protection. Joe commands… Read More

#Next4Lift Impact Story: Chuck & Gayle DeMers

Image: Chuck and Gayle DeMers with group of boaters at MN Breakaway. Everyone aboard pontoon boat with beautiful blue lake in background.

Ripples After someone had invited them to volunteer their fishing boat and a little time in the 2015 Minnesota Breakaway, Chuck and Gayle DeMers made their way to Lake Geneva Conference Center in Alexandria, Minnesota with their boat… Read More